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We believe that the next generation should focus on solving big problems that they are passionate about at the beginning of their careers.

We are the global community, platform, and fund working together to help the next generation build mission-driven companies that will transform industries, society and institutions.


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There's so much to love

The Kairos Society is a global community of top students and global leaders who aim to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Kairos is supported by international mentors like Peter Diamandis, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Bill Clinton.

Global Summit

The Kairos Global Summit is one of the international top-level events. Every year Kairos fellows from all around the world gather at the New York Stock Exchange for the Kairos Global Summit, where influential CEOs, mentors, startups and young entrepreneurs share their vision of the future and start collaborations.

Kairos K50

The K50 is a list of the 50 most innovative seed-stage companies founded by young entrepreneurs worldwide. The K50 companies focus on solving major problems the world faces today. The K50 is announced during the Kairos Global Summit.

The Kairos Fund

The Kairos Fund focuses on mission-driven companies rethinking industries around the world. Kairos invests in the Seed+ stage and works with portfolio companies to raise their Series A and start scaling the business.

Global Network

Kairos taps our world’s future leaders from cities and top universities worldwide at the beginning of their careers, immersing them in a network of like-minded peers through unique shared experiences (the Kairos Fellowship). Kairos Fellows get exclusive access to major global entrepreneurial events during which they connect within the global network.

Local Network

Kairos is a decentralized society that lives on its regional chapters. Each region has a vibrant community of top young entrepreneurs that exchange in regular meet-ups and support each other. Individual chapters are closely linked to local partners, such as incubators, accelerators, and start-up hubs.


Kairos is supported by international mentors like Peter Diamandis, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Bill Clinton. Regional executives work hand in hand with Fellows to find a relevant mentor for themselves and their start-up.


Some of the world’s most influential leaders - individuals and corporations alike - are looking for Kairos Fellows for a fresh perspective on how to tackle the next generation of global problems.


Kairos Society Switzerland

The Swiss chapter of Kairos Society was founded in 2017 and is strongly growing. The active community meets every 6 weeks at a different location in Switzerland. Exclusive opportunities at major entrepreneurial events in the country, such as START Summit, are granted for the Fellows.

The Swiss Hub is closely interconnected with the European and global communities. Many opportunities to meet, exchange, learn and co-create are open for Fellows - both within the Kairos community (such as the DACH Event, EU Summit, and Global Summit) and within the partner networks (e.g. Slush, Web Summit).


Chapter Founded



Our amazing Fellows

Omar Bawa
Founder, Goodwall

Goodwall is the professional network for young talent to become the best versions of themselves. More than 1 million young professionals have joined so far. Goodwall’s positive and inspirational community encourages members to network, guide and push each other forward as they navigate the future of earning and learning.

Flurin Jenal
Founder, Struckd

Struckd is the game creation platform for anyone. A global audience can easily create & share games using their mobile devices.

Marco Meister
Founder, Volunty

Volunty is the customer-specific "Software as a Service" solution for organizing, coordinating and evaluating "Employee Engagement" activities within the company network in the areas of "Corporate Volunteering", sports and culture.

Lyle Tölle
Founder, LunchLottery

LunchLottery is a SaaS company that helps enterprises connect employees with new colleagues across all departments and hierarchy levels for lunch.

Alen Arslanagic
Founder, Visium

Visium is a Machine Learning consultancy that guides its’ enterprise clients during the ideation, planning, development and integration of Artificial Intelligence products.

Andri Silberschmidt
Founder, kaisin.

We need new recipes how to leverage our existing business.

Boryana Milova
Co-Founder, IGNITE Movement

IGNITE believes that business has a great power to positively impact society. We envision a world in which companies do not need to choose between social values and financial performance - both can and must be achieved. This is why we strive to inspire purpose-driven business with both students and company representatives.

Björn Schmidtke
Co-Founder, Penguin Group

Penguin Group focuses on developing web applications for international, purpose-driven companies. Passionate about sharing his knowledge, he founded the penguin.academy, where he inspires students with topics such as coding, robotics and artificial intelligence.


Thanks to Kairos I gained access to invaluable industry mentors who challenged me to think bigger and - looking back - set me on track to start my own company out of university.

Sunnie J. Groeneveld - Founder, Inspire 925


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Executive Team


Boryana Milova

President Kairos Switzerland

Boryana is an internationally-oriented business graduate with a special interest in leadership and new organizational forms. Fascinated to foster the right environment for the transformation of young leaders. Special focus on education and its potential to create a platform of transformation for young individuals.


Daniel Dippold

President Kairos Europe

Daniel is smart and ambitious and believes those two attributes help him conquer the world. When Daniel graduated from university, he not only achieved a Summa Cum Laude 99-percentile GPA, but had also founded three companies. Daniel has lived and worked in over 5 countries, was invited to speak at TED-Conferences in Boston, serves in boards of start-ups and larger corporations and currently oversees the Kairos Society in Europe.

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